GReddy T67 25G 10cm Exhaust Housing Turbo Kit for 04-07 STi

GReddy T67 25G 10cm Exhaust Housing Turbo Kit for 04-07 STi

Brand: GReddy
Product Code: 11560010
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Upgrade Turbo Kit
T67 25G
External R08

GReddy Turbo Kit - Upgrade: Vehicles that are already equipped with factory turbochargers have engines with large potential for power that cannot be fully obtained by using the original turbocharger(s). Big gains can be found by upgrading the exhaust, intake, blow-off valve and intercooler and adding more fuel and boost, but by also replacing the stock turbocharger with a properly sized GReddy turbo upgrade kit, you can experience new levels of power. Kits are available for most popular Japanese turbo vehicles, and for many, we offer a selection of kits with various sizes of turbos from mild upgrades to full-on race ready kits. Depending on application, kits will either bolt onto factory manifolds with integral wastegates or use hand-made SUS manifolds with external wastegates.

Make Model Years
Subaru STi 2004 - 2007
Intercooler Type
Vehicle Model(s) 04 Subaru STI\,05 Subaru STI\,06-07 Subaru STI

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